Waterline Media



Pre Production

Shooting in Monaco during Yacht Show

Whether you have a small press shoot you need taking care of, or a full location production, we can handle them both. Logistics and budget management are part of the service, and your production will be delivered on budget and on time, with exceptional and creative results.



Flight cases on Superyacht transom

Over the years we have been responsible for countless shoots and productions, more often than not in challenging and testing conditions, all over the world, with tight deadlines and budget constraints. We thrive on each challenge as it comes, and manage every production with efficiency and transparency. We take great pride in our work, and although we try not to encourage it, we are proud of our ability to pull off the seemingly impossible at the very last minute, in order to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Post Production

4K Edit Suite

Once we have captured your footage, our fully equipped resolution independent edit suite and in house editors are ideally set up to post produce your project, ensuring the finished product is of the highest quality and the process through from concept to delivery is seamlessly smooth. Stills retouching is also catered for in house, as is secure and robust asset management.


Behind The Scenes