Waterline Media


On Set. On Time.
On Budget.

Waterline Media has a core team of highly experienced professionals, and over the years we have been responsible for countless shoots and productions, more often than not in challenging conditions and with tight deadlines and budget constraints. We thrive on each challenge as it comes, and manage every production with efficiency and transparency. We take great pride in our work, and although we try not to encourage it, we are proud of our ability to pull off the seemingly impossible at the very last minute, in order to fulfil our clients’ needs.  

Whether you have a small press shoot you need taking care of, or a full location production, we can handle them both. Logistics and budget management are part of the service, and your production will be delivered on budget and on time, with exceptional and creative results.

We can take care of: travel / accommodation / shipping / helicopter hire / boat charter / provisioning / film permits / local permissions / location scouts / hair & makeup / wardrobe / styling / models & actors / crew / specialist equipment hire / pre production / budgeting / insurance / post production / archiving