Waterline Media

Our Story

Driven by a passion that flows through our work

Founders Chris and Mike are both passionate about the sea and their respective mediums, their combined experience in the marine industry is nothing short of formidable. Built on solid foundations, Waterline Media has grown to provide photography, video and design services to a long list of household name brands in the marine, luxury, commercial and defense sectors. Both accomplished sailors, they ensure that any new team members are as competent with boats and the sea as they are with their specific role.

Always leading the way with the latest cutting edge equipment, there has been constant investment across the board with the latest 4k video cameras and Hasselblad stills system to bring your projects to life in the best possible way. Amid the dozens of flight cases you will also find a plethora of the latest continuous and flash lighting kit, moving camera rigs, gyros and underwater equipment. The in-house edit suite is equally as well appointed, and can handle just about any format or resolution that is thrown at it.

The high production values at Waterline Media means the service is always beyond expectations, with results being delivered on time, no matter what it takes to turn them around. The team always operate in a focused yet relaxed atmosphere, and looks forward to each new challenge with relish. 

Our Team


Mike Jones
Creative Director & Chief Photographer

No one is more passionate about the sea than Mike, and his love of his work is simply boundless. As creative director he oversees the visual output of the team, always striving for excellence. 

Gracie RaY
Production Manager

The creative team would be nothing without the logistics mastery and organisational skills of Gracie. Her extensive background in location live broadcast makes her ideally suited to keeping the team in check!

Zach Besley
Digital Technician & Camera Assistant

After graduating university with a degree in photography, Zach joined the team to assist on location shots and to hone his workflow and digital assessment management skills in the studio.


Chris Stevens
Video Editor & Chief cameraman

Chris is our resident tech guru, keeping us up to date with the latest equipment and techniques. He is our in-house editor and chief cameraman, bringing a vast wealth of a lifetime of experience in video to the role.

Lara Crisp
Head of Design

A passionate creative that prefers to draw pictures than write a letter, Lara brings a real spark to the team with a fresh approach to all of our design led projects. Often found with a cup of tea in her hand...